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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yes but have you ever baked a cake..say in the shape of boobs...that cooked for over 5 hours adn still didnt solidify? (Ps- you were the only one that tasted and ENJOYED my culinary masterpiece)...

It tasted like cake batter. Cake batter is delicious, especially when it's nice and warm from cooking in the oven all day. The fact that it was shaped like two very large, jiggly breasts was just a bonus.

I HAVE made orange Jello that refused to solidify. You may remember that thought it would be funny to replace ALL the water in the recipe with vodka. Turns, out, you can't do that. Who would have guessed?

Remember when Maris tried to cook something in the oven, but she didn't realize the oven was from circa 1950 and you actually had to light it with a match, so instead of baking her cookies, she was just flooding the house with gas? That was a good time.

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