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Friday, July 14, 2006


I can completely understand the fear of heights!

Especially with what you've gone through!

Oh and the white pants comment cracked me up. I believe you are in the clear with your cute white yoga pants. Sounds like you have all of the bases covered!

I don't fear heights, but I hate the sensation of free fall. I get vertigo on steep downward slopes because walking downward gives a taste of that sensation. So you're not alone...

Hey, I just stopped by from Dooce with totally unsolicited advice. I am 36, have had 2 kids and I have adult acne. After years of trying every product no matter how ridiculously overpriced, including Proactive, which gave me wrinkles, no less,I went to a drive-by dermatologist who diagnosed me then gave me antibiotics and gel goo which I faithfully followed to little or no avail...fast forward 2 months, the $50. gel goo is gone, my insurance ran out, and it really did no good anyway, so on a whim I tried ONE MORE PRODUCT. And it worked. Cetaphil cleanser. Good luck, it has been painfull both monetarily, psycologically, and physically to deal with lo this last decade. I feel for ya! Jess

You were 2 days shy of 8 months old when you fell ...

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