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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Aw, sweet boyfriend. Sweet kitty. I hope you two find him soon, although maybe he's gone back to his home and his owners were terribly glad to see him and have him locked up tight. (see how positive I am?)

if you want to take a turn at my living room, feel free! Joel is a sweetie!

Awwww. So sweet of him.

You're more than welcome to write my thank you notes for me. I love letter writing, just not thank you note writing...I think because I always have a goal, meanwhile a nice letter is just for fun. And thank you notes always come in CLUMPS, so you can't just write one and feel satisfied. Our parents invited a zillion people to our wedding, so I really do have about 350 more to go. I wasn't kidding about that. Sigh...

Have you found him yet?

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