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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay, so this is the best Christmas post I've read all season.

You win.

(Oh, and I always have the idea that I want to send out a nice "religious" card for Christmas...but they all suck and have like gold embossed stars and crappy paintings with shepards on them. I'm looking for something a little more modern that says "Jesus loves you even though you stink. Yo!" Or you know, something equally cool.)

Anyway...Merry Christmas to you!


and also? I'm like peeing myself laughing. your office is insane and you are hilarious

and your comment on my blog today was also funny...the floor...really????

merry christmas!

and pps congrats on the raise!

Yeah, you need a vaca. Hope your holiday is happy, fun and safe!

Merry Christmas, Grinch! I want to see a picture of this sweater. Holiday garmentry always fascinates me, especially clothing with movable parts, like Santa's beard or little elf feet that poke out. I mean, WHY? WHY would you willingly put that on your body?
Our Christmas card had evil Beulah on the front, looking po'ed with reindeer antlers on. It said, "Bah Humbug!" but only with one exclamation point. Beulah does not accessorize.

Sweet Baby J you need a break. I hope you got it! NOT that you're wrong in your rant-- I hear you, second you and applaud you. And of course, pity you for having to deal with the completely cracked coworkers.

I'm working on my last Christmas post now...and then onto thank you cards.

Next year, I'll send you a holiday card, as I love them, too! In fact, I still have a Jojo card if you're hankering for MORE HOLIDAY MAIL! ;)

Happy new year!!

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