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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I hate them too, and yet I get sucked in too. I know just what you mean.

(Which is what I say to almost every post of yours lately, are we living parallel lives?)

Dude, that kind of crap makes me INSANE! And why do they even bother calling it "customer service?" They're not there to "serve" you. They're there to make that vein stand out in your forehead, pulsating faster in time with your heart attack.

And by the way, NEVER settle for the guy who actually answers the phone. Ask for the supervisor and then ask for his/her manager. Seriously.

I hate frequent flyer programmes. Qantas is the main company over here, and before J and I went on our big Europe tour in 2002, we booked our tickets and had the travel agent log the purchases in with the FF people. Tour was booked in September, flight left in January. All seemed fabulous.

Until we got home from holidays and checked our point balance, to find that we were awarded a quarter of what we were supposed to get. Turns out they "changed" the programme (and lessened flight rewards) on Jan 1st, so we missed out even though we paid earlier.

They can kiss my butt. Roar.

Stupid companies. Stupid people. It's all stupid. *stomps for you*

Wow, that is truly egregious. I never fly United, but I'm pretty sure the airlines are all like that. Beyotches.

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