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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I knew you would like that book.

Um, I love how the person says "it's coming in real nice"...dude, what does that mean?

I would not sit by you. I would let you enjoy your "me" time.

Buy the shirt.

Um, that comment was from me. Where is my name? That sucks.

I'm with Ms. No-Name on that one. Why would your co-worker say that it's coming in real nice? It's not like you were bald before or anything.

Or were you?

Well, knowing me, I'd probably sit down and say, "Oh, I read that book! Here's what happens in the end." Seriously, I've been a total spoiler lately.

No, actually i'd probably sit down and start reading my book and silently offer you a ginger snap with a slice of cheddar and then ignore you...but in a nice way.

And that shirt. It rocks!

All I have to say is,

Boy, Howdy! That's a big cup.

Wait. Do you guys actually say that? Boy, howdy? Classic! :D

My college roommate used to make "Boy Howdy" Cookies and they were the yummiest thing ever. I don't know what all she put in those, but boy howdy! they were good!

I would definitely let you read your book in peace, because I feel exactly the same way about my lunch break. I have a coworker who is ALWAYS complaining about people talking to her while she's reading on her lunch break, but then what does she do every single day when I'm reading on my lunch break? She talks to me. And it's all I can do not to throw my book at her face.

I HAVE to get that shirt. I've lived in my town almost two years now and I know alot more people now and when I don't have my kids with me and can get to the beach with a book and my ipod, I HATE it when someone I know seeks me out and sits right down and starts talking to me. I have no problem saying hello and chatting for a few but then, I want to read again.


Haha! What a fantastic post! Gotta love office politics, and the crazies who make work twistedly entertaining. :)


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