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Friday, June 08, 2007


Very interesting!! I totally agree that the maternity leave situation in the US is, in a word, CRAP.

I think that part of the solution has got to be paternity leave. Women will always be seen as more "expensive" than men to employ when employers have to shell out time or money for maternity leave. Why not make all people who start a family equal? (Not to mention that men would love the opportunity to hang out with their new babies, too!)

I feel similarly about my current health insurance plan. The copay for your primary care doctor is $25, but you have to pay $40 for a specialist. Fair, right? Guess what. The gynecologist is considered a specialist. Frankly, the gynecologist is a primary care provider. All women in their child bearing (working) years must see the gynecologist once a year. I suspect that many young women are more diligent about their gyno than their regular check up!! It should be the PCP price!

I don't know much about maternity leave, but I do know that the teaching system here in Sydney is PRETTY decent with leave without pay. I'm not sure of the specific though.

OMG am I craving lasagne now or what? Jase and I are gonna make ham and pineapple pizzas tonight because we're lazy.

can I just say hallelujah on the whole FMLA stuff. America is ridiculous. That is all. We need democrats in office if we are ever going to make any progress on this issue. End of rant. :)

Oh my God, I know. Isn't it awful? It took insurance companies DECADES to even declare a simple PAP test as a covered procedure, and they've only recently gotten around to mammograms. It's totally unfair. And considering that women still only make 75c to the dollar that men makes, this country still has a LONG way to go to make it a fair and equal job market. HATE!

Nice work on the lasagna. I'll send you my godmother's "lasagna" recipe, it's so delish, you'll freaking die.

I'm droollin over that meal you made. Yum.

Also went to Frema's and saw the post you mentioned.

Yes, it DOES suck and its NOT fair. It gets me all riled up too!

Oh Laurel I AGREE WITH YOU!!! Paternity leave should be equally granted, required, and okay'ed, and then women won't be the ticking timebomb that some employers consider them to be. Plus babies can be at home with their dads, just as likely as they would be with their mom's. I am actually all for paternity leave (12 weeks!) starting as soon as the mom's 12 are up. 24 weeks of at home babycare!

I am not currently aware of the maternity deal at my job. My sister works for a school and so she plans her pregnancy's so that she has three months left of school and then the summer with the baby for a total of almost 6 months. She's a smart cookie that one.

On the lasagna, I have found that it is very difficult to mess it up by just making up the recipe as you go. The only downside to that is that if you just add random amounts of stuff and it really tastes good, the next time you have no idea what you added or how much...

Yeah, FMLA is not what you think it is. It sounds good-ish on paper...but in reality it sucks ass.

And I love how you were all "but I didn't have that, so I used this instead". You are AWESOME. Hooray that it all turned out super yummy!

Yeah that's not paid maternity leave, that's short term disability! I hate it when companies pat themselves on the back for that. Although the government doesn't offer short term disability insurance so I got screwed there. If you're mad about it now, don't do any reading about what they do in Europe...it pretty much put me in tears when I was pregnant!

Canada has a very good policy toward maternity leave, but employers will always be prejudiced against women of childbearing age. One of the owners of the business I work at will start giving out poor performance reports the second he hears about a bun in the oven. It's his little way of telling you your time at our company is finished until you're done with the brat. It's disgusting behaviour, but how do you prevent it?

Oh and one more thing! The LWOP time I took for FMLA pushed back my anniversary date for automatic raises/promotions. Kick you when you're down.

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