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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


You should absolutely jump on the Potter train! The books are really great reads and explain SO much that the movies have to totally leave out or just skim over, thereby confusing the crap over the non-book reading audience. Think of the movies as a sort of cliff notes version that would never help you get a good grade on your book report! I won't be the one to tell you how it ends, but I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to dig it up on your own if you REALLY want to ;)

all of those trains you mentioned above? I have missed them too. I can't believe my husband married me and I haven't seen Star Wars. I just don't really get into that stuff I guess.

Eagerly awaiting your pity party entry :)

You should definitely read the books. I guarantee that once you start, you will finish all 7 within 2 weeks. You can't put them down. And you can tell everyone you did it on purpose, so you didn't have the agonizing wait for each successive book (I didn't start reading them until after #5 came out).

um yes, you can still TOTALLY jump on the bandwagon. And I completely AGREE with angela's comments about the movie being the cliff note version! Such a good way of putting it! And. I CAN tell you how it ends..but wont in this comments section b/c I don't want someone to accidentally read it that doesn't want to know. I stood in line like a freak Friday night to buy the book. It only took about 45 min from the time it went on sale !:) I wanted to really be part of the histeria this time! :) it was great. And i'm not even a reader! but I couldnt' put the book down. Made for pretty unproductive days at work since i kept trying to sneak some HP reading time in! I reread book 6 to make sure I was ready for book 7. I realized that i basically forgot EVERYTHING that happened in book 6. The books are also such easy reads, and evne though they look really long, their print is rather big and it just takes no time!

I am not on the Potter wagon. I am actually one of the few that has not read any books, watched any of the movies. Nothing Harry Potter has been in front of my eyes. I am quite glad that all the hype is over.

I would also like to join your pity partyyyyyy. Whine whine fuss fuss.

Definitely read the books, you won't regret it. I think that reading all seven back-to-back would be a lot of fun.

Or, if you're not sure, try the audiobooks. They are also supposed to be great and totally entertaining.

Dude, you ASKED for spoilers to be put in the comments. So I had to make sure NOT to look!!

(Is it bad of me to admit that I love "Lonesome Dove" more then Harry Potter? Lonesome Dove is the type of book that defines me. Which is odd since I'm not a cowboy or a whore.)

I hope you win the Coach bag Janet's giving away!

I'm not going to read the other comments because I worry someone will spoil then ending for me, but I will say that I too have trouble retaining the information so even though I'm reading the final book now, I'm completely lost going "who is that again? And what is this secret plan they have?" Frustrating, but I just didn't have time to go back and read book 6 again.

I've read Lonesome Dove and some of the other books related to that one by Larry McMurtry. It is an awesome book. Really.

There was also a Hallmark minseries made that has Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in it and damn, it's good!

I got through book 4 and just couldn't remember what happened in the year that passed between books coming out. Having 3 kids will do that to you :).

I think jumping on the bandwagon late and reading all 7 books in a row is a great way to do it. Because every time a new book has come out, I have been very confused at parts because I forgot what happened previously. Or I forgot what one of the spells does because it's like learning a whole new language. I am planning on reading all 7 books in a row sometime soon.

My latest post is all about the spoilers if you're interested.

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