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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


oh man, that doesn't sound like a mental health day in a good way anymore :) kidding...it is better than work!

We never have a house key on us, just our garage door opener that is kept in our car. If there's ever a time where I have the car and Nick gets a ride home from someone, he always forgets until he shows up at the house that he has no way to get inside. This latest time involved him walking over to the neighbor's house to borrow a ladder, climbing up to the second story, crawling through the guest bedroom window which was the only window that wasn't locked, and practically falling right into the house. Maybe you should try that next time.

If your garage door was broken, and your husband would never fix it, you could always jimmy the garage controls and get in.

I mean, hypothetically. Not that I would know anything about that.

Oh the mental health day! I, too, am never sick (I got paid out for like 70 sick hours when I left my last job) and love to spend the day as a lady of leisure.

That BLOWS about they keys, though, and I would love to hear about your worst day ever. I can only imagine....

Anything is better then being at work. Right?

(Okay, so let's hear more about Lonesome Dove. You love it, right? I was right, right?! Who do you love more, Newt or Gus?)

Your errand day sounds so great to me... minus the locking yourself out and sexual harassment, of course.

Now I gots to check Lonesome Dove out for myself!

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