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Monday, November 26, 2007


I never knew you suffered with anorexia. My best friend sufffered from bulimia. I lost 50lbs, but I still struggle everyday to eat normal and healthy like. Kudos to you for even mentioning your eating troubles.

Ditto Stephanie. I've never had full out bulimia or anorexia... but disorderly eating manifests in so many ways. Holidays- they are rough. And wonderful!

I find it very interesting and insightful to read your posts about what it was like for you during your days of suffering from anorexia. The best part though, is to read how well you are doing now. From what I understand, there are not that many who even after getting help ever feel free from that past and the disorder. So Congrats on overcoming it! Can't wait to see you this weekend! Mom gets in Friday afternoon, so dinner work for you?

I hope you had a wonderful, pie filled Thanksgiving.

It's true, as Stephanie and Lisa said, that the crazy diet / fast and processed food / media industries in this country give women oodles of disordered eating issues.

That's one reason that I love running so much. Getting my exercise through a sport is the best way to keep my body image in check without giving up on fitness entirely!

Yay for non-stressful holidays!

go you! (that sounded like I was making fun of you, but I mean it. It's nice to hear a good post about that topic)

and I second the whole 1-95 thing!

Am thankful for you too. And I know what you mean on the diet stuff... Years ago, I'd ramp up the diet pills a few days before THanksgiving as well as spend extra time running extra miles. I'd do the same things after Thanksgiving too. (Didn't have anorexia but did take far too many diet pills and was terrified to gain an ounce.)

OPH, what a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

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