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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Oh, my goodness. I need to avert my eyes to avoid the lasers that are shooting out of this post. Totally understandable, of course! I swear that cell phone designers must not use their own phones. Can you change a setting for how long the light on your phone will stay on? Or is that buried deep within the catacombs of your not intuitive phone?

Also, you get a point for using "hijinx" in a sentence.

1. That phone sounds like the most confusing thing ever. I am glad I don't send text messages.

2. It is a "qwerty" keyboard, not "querty." Maybe you know that but just like typing "u" after "q."

3. The theme from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be the perfect ring tone! That is a fabulous idea!

Cell phones blow in general. I am not a texter but it is because my phone doesn't allow me to send or or recieve. As in someone sends me something saying see you tomorrow at 2 and i call them later in a huff trying to figure out when we are meeting up. And this phone is less than 6 months old. WTF?

I think the cell phone upgrade game is crap. I swear that if I hadn't dropped it in a toilet my senior year of college, I'd still be rocking my circa 2000 Kyocera!

My God that sounds complicated... I hope that with time a little more time everything will start to seem like second nature. A phone should just not cause that much stress!

OKAY. I kept waiting for my shout out in this post and it never came. I hope it's obvious to everyone that you sat at the opposite end of the table from me at our DCBLOGHER because that phone is the same as mine, right down to the hideous gold color (I let my husband have the black one). I agree, the rings suck and I figured it was because everyone buys them now.

Also, my husband showed me if you hold down one of the volume keys on the side of the phone for a few seconds, the backlight comes on so you can see the time (I don't wear a watch either).

AND...one last thing. Mine stopped working a few weeks ago (the inside screen was white) and Verizon replaced it since it was within the 12 month warranty.

I was trying to work the shout out in during the whole post, but then the rage just took hold of me and I forgot! That has been corrected.

I was pretty sure that it was the same phone you had, but I didn't want to mention it because I totally freaked someone at work out yesterday. I have only met him a few times and we have never talked about phones, but someone mentioned that he had a blackberry and I said "I think it's actually a Treo, right?"... and he was all UM FREAKY CAN SOMEONE GET THIS STALKER AWAY FROM ME?

I hate my phone, but know what I hate even more? buying anything new phone related or paying anything extra to phone companies? HATE. So I just try to squeeze every last drop of life out of my phones until they literally fall apart. No wonder I hate them so much.

Just upgraded my phone as well, and am finally happy to be rid of the blasted RAZR. Ugh, what a horrible phone.


Tim was THISCLOSE to getting that phone before he changed his mind in the store and got the LG enV instead. After reading this, I'm so glad he made that last-minute decision. I'm really sorry you're stuck with such an annoying phone.

Definitely get a text msg plan. I found out the hard way how fast 15 cents per msg can add up.

And thank goodness my cell phone came back from the dead after it was dropped into the bathtub. I thought it was gone for good so I went out and bought one of those smartphones and hated it so much that I think my old phone sensed my anger and resurrected itself.

I thought i was supposed to get a new phone every year..so i'm all excited about upgrading thinking I could do it this month. OH NO! you signed a 2 year contract..so you only get a new phone every 2 yrs. What the F?! what benefits do I get for signing up for 2 years?! Let's hope my phone will last another 12 months!

Its dumb that they won't let you exchange the phone (right?)... I doubt I'll ever be cool enough to have a cellphone with a keyboard, that all sounds so complicated! And totally hop on a txt plan... We don't have one, and after like a really small amount of texts our bill had jumped $3. (Okay, not much, but hey, we almost can't afford the $86 bill as it is, so any extra is a huge shock.)

I just got a new phone from Verizon because I was up for a free one ages ago. I didn't get anything fancy, but it was still an upgrade compared to my last phone, which didn't even have a camera. It was old. I'm not into all of the high tech phones...I like to keep it simple stupid.

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