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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What if there is a conflict between all of the fun home stuff (crown molding, curtains, cabinets, etc.) and the budgetary restraints?

Now I'm afraid to get our carpets cleaned...

Okay, I was going to leave a comment about your recipe/cooking resolution and then I get to the picking fingers thing and I...stopped...because...I was picking my fingers while reading this whole thing. Yes, I do it even with a hand on the mouse. So...thanks for highlighting that. A few of my friends do it too, and J can always tell when I'm worked up about something because my thumbs are raw. I always say...there are worse things I could do! (a little defensive, don't you think?)

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is totally geeky (one of my resolutions should be to stop that self-defeating language right?) but I get the Kraft magazine that they send out CHOCK FULL of recipe ideas for free every few months, and I've found even more on their website. It has really beefed up (no pun intended) our recipe book.

H picks his fingers too! He started getting manicures, and that has slowed down the picking quite a bit.

I love your list!

Jen - this is a GREAT list :) I look forward to Jan 2009 and reading how you did :) And you inspired me to make a list of my own... :)

These are all great. I'd suggest PR as a career (I'm biased) and I also need to go through my old blog posts and remove stuff I shouldn't have written.

You have some great items on your list...and they are very specific, which should help you keep them, right? We have many of the same goals. Keep us updated on your progress OK?

Wow - very impressive! I love the detailed goals, seperated into categories; and I love that the kitchen is now organized! That is my project for the wekk, and goodness, will it be a project!

Happy (slightly belated) 2008!


Whoa, that is a great list, and something that sounds totally achievable.

In addition to a will, you might want to consider a Health Care Directive if you haven't already. My whole family did them in the wake of the Terri Schiavo controversy, and I think they're really good protection.

Wow, I am such a killjoy.

Can't wait for updates on how your resolving goes.

Wow! That is some list! I need to stop writing about things I shouldn’t on the internet too. And I’ve already learned that the hard way.

I need to do some reorganizing myself this year. Because I hold on to a bunch of crap I don’t need.

holy ambitious! you're making me look lazy over here. Oh wait, I am.

I am with you 100% on #1. Just can't talk about it on my own site.

Um, I hope your employer doesn't read your blog.. You first state that you want out of your current job and that you aren't giving it your all while at work.

Which basically doesn't bode well for your current employment or your next place of employment!

Um, I think any employer would be lucky to have you working for them...even at less than your 'best effort' (which im sure is still far and beyond what most people put into their jobs). Also, i think its really brave to say that you have leared as much as you can in the current job and look for new opportunities. Most people would just sit and do the same job forever (hating everyday of it). And seriously, you didnt even say anything bad about your current 'employer' other than you 'have it really good and that you have learned a lot' but it might be time to move on. Its not like you said you take 3 hour lunch breaks, steal paperclips and have voodoo dolls of everyone you work with! Good for you for not being freaked out with a possible career change and wanting to actually learn more!

oh and my house could use a lot of orginaztion if you are up for another 'fun' weekend!

Wanna know a secret? I pick my fingers too. Don't tell anyone.

If you figure out a good way to kick the habit, let me know.

YES! YES! YES! Take up knitting! At once! See what an enabler I am? and while you're buying freaking biznas pants, buy me some too. Because unless I lose 10-lbs by next freaking weekend, I have nothing that fits. I am lame.

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