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Friday, February 29, 2008


I agree with and support everything you've said. The only thing I can think to add is . . . What is this? A center for ants?! This needs to be at least three times this big!

Oh, girl, I defiantly agree with you. Would it be awful to counter aggressive requests with something like, "Well, I'll donate to your race if you'll donate to PWAACC [pronounced "pwack"]. You've never heard of it? It's People Who Are Against Coercive Charity."

It's a great cause!

Hello...NOT offended.

And you really DON'T have a unicycling cousin? Because I totally believed you and wondered how I could get people to pay for my vacations!

I'm not going to dissent with you at all (and like Isabel, was truly fascinated with the unicycling cousin!) I firmly believe that charities have every right in the world to ask us for money, and I would far prefer to receive a dinnertime phone call from a Cancer Society than from a telemarketer. However, no means no, and to try to guilt someone into donating is incredibly manipulative and NOT charitable. We shouldn't have to offer up excuses--"I donated at the office", "I just gave money for another friends race", "Sorry, there's a sweater at the Gap that I really want"--and it sucks when you feel like you have to defend your own monetary decisions. I'm sorry you got blasted by that horrible Cancer Lady, and I'm proud of you for just hanging up rather than saying the many things I would have wanted to tell her!!

OH MY GOD. My sister-in-law sent a letter (that I thought was kind of rude money-grubbing) asking everyone to donate money so that she can spend a weekend in San Diego and go unicycling to raise money for Kids Who Want to Read Good. And followed up with this annoying phone call. If she wants to raise moeny for Kids Who Want to Read Good, why doesn't she just donate her own money instead of asking me for money to pay for her vacation? After I just let (aka was forced to by my husband) her stay at my house for FIVE MONTHS RENT FREE? When she had given us 24 hours notice that she would be moving in the next day? Do I need to go on about my bitterness? No, I do not.

So my response to your cousin would be, "Pay for your own unicycling vacation, bee-yotch."

I realize you wrote this all in a non-personal attack kind of way and then my comment became a crazy personal attack. Sorry about that!

This is why I do not run for charity. I think fundraising from your friends is so obnoxious... also, then I'd have to give to all their stupid stuff!

Also... I am a professional fundraiser and I think this kind of fundraising is sort of counterproductive. Sure I could raise $1,000 for my organization by browbeating my friends, but it wouldn't REALLY help the charity find new donors that will help sustain it's programs. I think it's kind of a short-sighted strategy in that way.

Oh my goodness, that post. I agree with it all, and I (like some others! hey, y'all!) totally believed you had a unicycling cousin. "How odd", I thought. But then no, no you don't.

I get double hit with the telemarketers and people who come right in and ask for my money because I get it CONSTANTLY at my store. And I do mean that I have people walk through the door, ask for money, and then use those coercive techniques on me RIGHT IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS. My customers who I love, and definitely want to keep. And not look like an asshole in front of.

Ugh, I was just thinking about this last night, as I considered for the umpteenth-zillion time putting an "ABSOLUTELY NO SOLICITING" sign in my store window. But they come in anyway, and then you're forced to either listen to their pitch and silently seethe that they totally ignored your sign, or ask them to leave, making you look like...you guessed it. An asshole!

Umm, all to say, I agree. Geez, I need to write about this on my own, apparently :)

I hate feeling pressured to give money! I once was accosted by a woman trying to raise money for breast cancer (as is everyone else). Now, of course I think breast cancer research is important, but I give my money to prostate cancer research since my dad has been fighting it for eight years. This woman was so mad that I wouldn't donate to her walk that she spit at me! Seriously? I'm sorry, but I have the right to choose the cause that's most important to me!

So, after all that...I'm just saying that I'm so not offended....I understand!

I do agree. What kills me more? These drives on blogs.

Whew, can you email this post to everyone I know? Thanks!

You know, what bothers me even more is when people (let's say, for example, my husband's rich uncle) send out those for political candidates. Because then you might not even think it's a good cause.

(The one we got from the uncle was telling us to send $1500 EACH to Mitt Romney's campaign; when he dropped out, all I could think of was "I am SO glad we didn't give THREE GRAND to that campaign).

Wait. What about those damn buttholes who bring all their kids shit to work and pass it around. I am the one ungrateful hussy that says not to everything. EVERYTHING. I am in an office building with four other units and they all pass their crap from their kids around. I probably will do the same thing as a parent, but as a non parent it annoys the shit out of me.

All in the same week i had THREE co-workers ask me to buy stuff from their kids school fundraisers. WHY? Oh and its not like they put the sheet in the breakroom and allow people to browse..and purchase at will. No, they stopped by my office and handed me their little pamphlet and even waited until I was done! are you kidding me? one of those co-workers calls me TRISTEN!? i mean..if you dont even know my name!?! why should i be buying crap from your kid? and then feel guilty that I put the darn thing back on his desk while he wasn't there b/c i didnt buy anything.

I was totally like...WOW, they have unicycle RACES?

This is my new donation manifesto. You are absolutely right. I could never put my finger on what it is made me uncomfortable about all this (and as a rule, I don't donate to "vacation" awareness raisers, like the marathon...in HAWAII! how (in)convenient). It also gives me the heeby-jeebies when an organization can afford to pay professionals to solicit donations. I might throw money in a fireman's boot at an intersection, but when MONEY INTERNATIONAL LLC calls on behalf of the policeman's union...ummm. I don't think so.

I agree with you totally. I would even be so presumptuous to think we share a brain. Scrooge!

Around here at my office, it's habit to collect money when someone has a family member die. It's a nice gesture, but they come around desk to desk. It's better when they send an email "i'm taking collections, stop by if you'd like to contribute."

And in the spirit of full disclosure, do we really need to collect $430 for a funeral bouquet from someone's co-workers? Couldn't we donate it? And if the person's brother's wife's sister dies, and the person IS STILL AT WORK and doesn't go to the funeral, is it really necessary to collect money?

My mom always donated to United Way through her work, and that always helped her to feel as if she was doing her part and could ignore the telemarketers and door-to-door charity solicitors. So finally this year I got my act together and donate to 2 charities through payroll deduction. It helps me feel a little better.

I can't figure out why schools have so many drives. I don't want wrapping paper and peanut brittle. The only thing I want to buy is Girl Scout Cookies. mmmm...Samoas.

Anyway, I'm actually working on a fundraising letter for this marathon deal, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it as innocuous as possible. Feel free to give pointers.

When it comes to getting started on your fast fundraising for sports event, the first and most important thing that you are going to have to decide on is what product you are going to sell with the fundraiser, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. We have select the appropriate and accurate one.......

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