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Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay, so you've shopped for a gown. But the real question is, how many bridal magazines have you bought? Because I am not very girly, but I admit that one of the first things I did after I got engaged was to join the ranks of women browsing the wedding magazine section at the nearest bookstore. Oh, and have you registered at theknot.com yet? It's absolutely invaluable.

OH!!!! DRESS TRYING ON!!!! I feel like I could squeal a little for you. Seriously. It does just feed the engagement hysteria. Magazines, websites, friends, they all feed the wedding madness. But enjoy it! I would go to the bookstore and just sit in front of the wedding magazines and look at every. single. one. of. them. I even bought one because it featured a wedding right near where we ended up getting married.

But I mean, Max would be exciting too.

All wedding all the time, the people demand it!

And I am 100% Lutheran. Welcome to my people.

I am half-Lutheran too! But I have known that all along. It is hilarious that you didn't know your dad was Lutheran. Did you think he was a different religion or just not any religion at all?

All wedding talk is fine with me as long as you don't start complaining because your bridesmaids won't lose weight like you want them to or you can't find the right Mickey Mouse theme invitations.

More wedding talk! Puhlease?!?! I love it. Especially this early in the planning process. I remember mine...and I was a basket case. I had NO IDEA what I wanted or what I was doing. Hopefully yours goes smoother.

Wedding identity thief? Haha! I've never heard that term before, that's pretty hilarious ;)

And, oooh, dress shopping--fun!

I could be mistaken, but I haven't really seen any complaints about all the wedding talk over here. We love it. Don't feel bad. Write about whatever you want.

I loved that first dress shopping trip. It's very helpful in terms of figuring out what style you really want vs. what you thought you wanted, and it also makes the whole thing feel so much more real. Glad you're having so much fun!

I have to admit, I love the wedding talk.

You are 1/2 Lutheran? That is not acceptable.

I kid.

And holy crap, what in the hell is a "wedding identity thief"?

Wait, oh no, what is a wedding thief? I must know so I don't become one!

The day after I got engaged I went to the store immediately so I could buy my first (of many) wedding magazine. It was a serious addiction for me for a while. I bet I have spent at least $50 in magazines. I feel like they are most helpful in the beginning of planning. Now they aren't too helpful for me, although I still flip through them ever so often looking for reception table floral arrangements and stuff like that.

So,welcome to Brideville. I didn't want to become a bridezilla, either. (Hope that I haven't!)
I'm 50% Catholic and 50% Methodist which turns into 100% Lutheran somehow. :)
When I first registered on theknot.com I wasn't sure about the details either. And I totally freaked out when it told me I had 15 items overdue on my checklist and I had not even been engaged an entire week! Things are coming together now, so I think I only have 5 overdue items!
But the boards on theknot.com have been invaluable. Stay off planning & etiquette though- those girls are vultures!

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