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Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh, hai, new blog design! I like it!

My dogs don't have health insurance, but they probably will when they're older and more prone to health problems. They are both on our vet's wellness plan, though, which is something like $15/month and covers the cost of vaccinations and other routine stuff. It has saved us a lot of money, and I totally love it.

I love that - insurance is betting against yourself. So true. I need to show that JG so he can use it with his statistics kids.

I don't have any pets, so obviously that would be really weird if I had pet insurance. My sister is a vet though, and when I made fun of a coworker for having pet insurance, my sister said it can actually be a good deal.

boyfriend and i got our dog VPI pet insurance after we had to rush her to the emergency room. We don't know what was wrong with her other than our house was covered in diarrhea and she wasn't moving well. so we took her in, they ran some tests and kept her overnight. Still don't fully know what happened to her but she's better now...$1500 later.

after that, we got the insurance, and we pay about $50 for each vet visit/medicines and they cover the rest. we pay about $30/month so it's not a bad deal.

I have pet insurance AND the vet's medical plan that helps cut down on costs like shots and regular checkups. I thought about cancelling the insurance, but it's not that much for just one dog.

My dad had pet insurance for our cocker spaniel and he used it ALOT. My dog had to have ekg's and all other kinds of stuff. It was totally worth it.

As you know, Lydah's pre-existing condishunz I think might preclude her from getting insurance NOW, but I am TOTALLY doing it later and definitely will get it with any new dog additions.

I don't have insurance for my dogs, but they are on a "wellness plan" at the vet we go to. Basically, I pay $15 a month, and it covers all of their shots for the year, plus two comprehensive exams, and any office visits. I also get a discount on any services not included in the wellness plan. It's nice...the shots for two dogs alone would cost more than I pay, so it works out! Plus, I don't have to worry about paying for an office visit anytime I'm concerned about their health.

Love your new blog design, Jen. :)

I would say take it out. It's not that expensive - and if worst comes to worst, could save you $$ in worst case scenarios.

When I get my dogs back home, they'll be covered. Oh yes. They will!

P.S. Hi! I miss you! I feel very scattered lately. And I hope you are well. :P

I put my puppy on the Petsmart wellness plan. I don't love love the vet I am forced to bring her to on that plan b/c its a different vet every time. But its been worth it money wise since she is a puppy! its like $22 a month, but that included getting her fixed for free! ( i think i paid like $30 for some meds for her getting fixed). And all her puppy shots were free. Plus, i can bring her in for a free vet visit...and then go ahead and decline all the tests they want to do that would cost extra. Stella had snot coming out of her nose..and we were supposed to dog sit that weekend..and I didn't want to get the other dog sick. They tried to sell me $200 worht of tests..but I decided to just wait till Monday to see if she got better or worse. But having gone to the vet did make me feel better about taking the other dog in for the weekend!
Again- loving the new design!
What are you doing for memorial day weekend!? Want to come to my parents place and we'll take the boat out!!

I've considered it but it doesn't cover routine stuff right? Luckily that's all we've needed so far. But my pets are younger. So who knows. But $13/month...that's nothing for peace of mind. So pet insurance is really that strict about pre-existing conditions??

We had it on our cat and 1 of our dogs and it really paid well. You can have riders to cover the more mundane things like shots, but for the larger things it really rocks. We only cancelled it because we are trying to pay down debt and while it rocked, we added up what we paid over the time we had it and what it paid us back and it came out about equal. If we had an animal with something chronic I can see that it would be much more "profitable"

We tried to get it before Beulah's duck incident, but it was too late. But if you suspect your cat could have cancer or a blockage, that stuff is going to COST YOU, and I think pet insurance is very smart. And wait a couple of weeks and take him in for something different, like having his nails trimmed. Then see if they weigh him and notice he's lost weight. That way the insurance bastards can suck it.

It was different back in the day before they had pet specialists for various ailments, extensive animal surgery, doggy oncologists, etc. But now, it costs a lot more than the usual $20 per visit charge it did when i was young. Beulah can't walk into the office without costing $250. A little insurance would be worth it. I say, go for it.

God, now I have to go and search out State Farm and see if we can add our two to our auto and home owners insurance. What about Blue Cross/Blue Sheild? Think they allow them as dependants?

See, now, I am not even responsible enough for a pet. This is why I cannot have a child. (Phew, glad we cleared that up.)

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