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Monday, April 21, 2008


My sister's boyfriend spent summers in college working at an ORGANIC farm in New Jersey! So there!

1. Looks like someone needs a dollar jar!

2. Do Jersey teenagers not get licensed until 18? Weird!

I hate driving to Jersey. So much that I really don't ever go to the shore unless I basically have to. Kinda sad huh?

The drive through Jersey is one of the biggest reasons that we don't go up to CT to visit my parents very often. We have to go through the entire length of it! The whole darn thing! Gah.

I don't know anything about the Jersey state, but I still want to see it! :D

I believe in the shore corn. I grew up in PA where lots of our "fresh" stuff came from the Jersey shore. MMMM. Cantalope. Sweet corn. Blech, tomatoes

I love Jersey and I'm proud of it!

I agree on EZPass. I dont get it. They dont cost anything to have, so why doesnt everyone get one & use as needed. Its one of the things I ask everytime I am driving thru a toll.

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