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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A college friend of mine spent a summer working at Mohonk -- it seems to have been one of the best experiences of her life, and she definitely goes on and on about how beautiful it is!

I fully support your expiration date on bratty statements about old people idea. Genius.

You should visit Lindsey while you're in Richmond. I bet you'd have a great time talking about weddings together.

I would totally support that bill to erase adolescent stupidity. It's a good thing that infants don't behave like teenagers because the human race would not have survived.

I hope the bridal shower goes well, especially with your culinary adventures. Godspeed.

You'll be in PA?! PA?! Is it impolite to ditch your in laws by saying - "BUT there is this girl, I met once, in Balitmore. I read her blog"

But if you are going to be there on the fourth, apparently you should go to Fourthfest. I haven't a clue as my husband decided to break bones and have screws put in right around the fourth last year.

I just finished my 4-in-a-row out of town streak and DAMN does it feel good to know that I'm going to be in New York this weekend, doing nothing more exciting that going to see WALL-E.

Also, we were in Taconic State Park this weekend, just a bit west of New Paltz! So close!

We were in the same downpour!

I think anything that you say between the ages of 12 and 15 should be expunged from history. I know I was an idiot back then. And knew NOTHING.

Yeah, 12 to 15 is pretty much a haze of bitchy hormones. That can't be held against us, right? I know what you mean about Tivo time though, I was invited to a Red Sox game tomorrow and I was actually reluctant to agree because I'd have to go out. Of my house. In CLOTHES, not pajamas! Seriously, isn't that what summer vacation is for?

I totally agree about expungement of bratty behaviour. Despite what my mother may think about me, I have grown up quite a bit since graduation! :o)


Oh man, I feel ya sister! I need my hermit time for sure! But at least the majority of your busy stuff is fun related, so that should ease the pain of separation from your magical elf bed at least a little bit ;)

What! You're headed to PENN STATE! Enjoy it! I loved it! but last time i went..i did feel OLD :)

I agree with the expunging of bratty behaviour in teen years ... consider it done! I absolutely love the adult you have become.

ARE WE LIVING THE SAME LIFE? I am in the middle of a 4-straight-weekends-out-of-town streak, part of a summer that involves being out of town 8 of 12 weekends. Sweeeeet. I do the same thing - remind myself they are for FUN and things I've CHOSEN to do. But I also need my half day to obsessively organize and prep for the coming week.

Yeah, I am with you on the bill to erase adolescent ridiculousness. Good luck and Godspeed on your summer o' travels :)

My family vacationed at Mohonk a lot as a kid and I used to HATE it.

But now I agree with you. It really is pretty up there.

Your summer sounds awesome. Please take me on some of your weekend trips with you.

Also....NEW PALTZ. Next time you go, you must take me. PLEASE.

I am totally 10 yrs late on this, but have you watched any of that Molly Ringwald show? I have...now my partner and best friend make fun of me for watching ABC family! They just need to be school in quality television.

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