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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Damn. You're totally gonna beat me on the spreadsheet now. Also: Yay for the Swiss citizens of tiny stature and double yay for kitty health insurance THAT YOU GOT EVEN THOUGH YOU FELT A LITTLE DUMB, WHO'S DUMB NOW?? Yeah that's right. Not you.

OH NOES. The mattress not fitting upstairs may be a bad thing. Funny side note, my little brother kept asking people if they had a tempurpedic bed for like a year after he so an infomercial at the age of 4. He could even quote some of their selling points.

As for Max and Madison, I cry a little for you. Because good lord, pets are so freaking important. But don't worry, Tudy's abscess if fully leaked out. All over our fancy padded relatively new dining room chairs.

I want everything on your list. Both lists. Even those fat and sweet tumor-kitties lying on their backs like roadkill. Beulah is doing the same thing (the roadkill posture...or maybe basking seal posture sounds nicer) on the couch, only she is growling menacingly at her own paws.

If you're installing cabinets, why don't you two fly down to Charleston, demolish the crappy additions on our house, build a modern separate structure in the back and fix me up a nice kitchen. Because I am SICK OF RENTING. I want to install tile and nice flooring and have a real garden with a wall you can come mosaic for me. I want a washer and dryer I don't have to hike to with 4000-lbs of laundry. I want sunlight and windows and fresh air. And a tempurpedic mattress. (God, those things rock.)

Clearly, I too need to win the lottery.

I'm sorry your kitties are sick though. They look so cute and delicious, it's hard to imagine that there's anything wrong with them. Max looks like he'd be scrumptious with barbecue sauce. Mmm...kitty.

I am so sorry about the kitties. What sad news. :( That is just heartbreaking!

At least you have a super comfy new bed?

Aw I hope the kitties are okay...
Cancer sucks.

P.S. Tim is pretty hunky and strong, I'll send him right over.

I'm so jealous about your bed and so sorry about the kitties... I hope that their kitty chemo works some miracles and they're all better soon. Maybe I should look into pet insurance again...

I'm so sorry about the kitties! But from what I've heard, it seems like the best possible way to spend chemo treatments would be laying on a bed while tiny swiss masseurs make you as comfortable as possible. So at least they'll have that!

aw poor kittys!! That's so sad!!

i'm so sorry about your kitties!

:-( Hugs to your kittens!

I'll take the bed if you can't get it upstairs. Something tells me you'd first just sleep in the basement.

Sorry about the bad cat news :(

Aww. Poor kitties. It's definitely a good thing you've been paying that $13 a month, rather than thousands now, right?

Good luck with the masseurs!

OH NO!! I really need to get Alex into the vet. You have me terrified. I'm so sorry your babies are sick.

Shit. I should get some pet health insurance.

Oh Jen, I am so, so sorry about Maxie and Mad. I hope they are okay, and that the pills work. (Holy crap, should I get pet insurance?)

I think the kitties should all get in on the tiny masseur action too!

I'm so sorry about your kitties. That makes me sad. I hope they will be OK!

Congrats on the bed! That is one thing I can totally justify, no matter the cost. Because I love me some sleep.

Poor kitties! I hope they get better soon!

I am happy about your new bed, but sad about your kitties. I hope they respond well to the treatment!

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