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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I think julienne means to cut thin, long slices? Maybe? And coarse vs. fine would mean thicker rather than thinner? In reality, I have no idea.

And yeah, prosciutto is ham. But it's, like, cured ham or something. Which, in my humble opinion, makes it taste plasticky and icky. Or at least that's what it tasted like on all those damn prosciutto bocadillos my senora insisted on making me in Barcelona.

But anyway, happy virtual wedding shower, Lindsey!

I cannot tell you how much this post made me laugh!

Rachel Ray is a damned dirty liar! I just double all of the time that she says it takes for things to finish.

I think that Julianne means cutting things finely (??).... I remember is being mentioned in my year 12 hospitality class. Luckily for you I attended a few classes. Good luck with the recipe.

That salad sounds so good. Sun dried tomatoes are my new fave!

This made me laugh so hard.

I hate Rachel Ray. The end.

Audrey has it right: julienne is long skinny strips. So coarse would be like the "leftover hair" version of that. Funny post...still sounds delish* to me.

*I hate Rachael Ray-isms. I just had to say it.

No real human can make meals in the amount of time that Rachael Ray does. That woman certainly is indulging in the CRACK.

I think you should pass off the garlicky version of the salad and call it something like "whole head of garlic salad." Who doesn't like garlic?

And, I apologize for not warning you about the deceitful cooking times. Her estimates are a bunch of hooey.

So you're officially like a professional chef now. I am way impressed :)

As for Rachel Ray prep/cooking times, I add them together and double it. She is a LIAR.

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