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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Dear OPH:

I heart you.



You know, I have one friend in particular who is outspoken about how crappy they are and how annoyed she is that they're popular. And frankly, although her attitude is annoying, I don't care if she doesn't like the books. Because, I've been rereading the series (just finished New Moon again last night) and I love them. I laugh, I cry, I fall in love - if she wants to miss out on that experience, or if they dont' give her that, then that's unfortunate for her - but I'm certainly not going to pretend that they don't really do something for me. Those books are some of the most fun, transporting things I've read in years. And so I'll excuse the raptures about Edward's marble lilps and golden eyes.

I'm glad, in the end, you loved them. Thanks for all the recaps.

I just saw that about Midnight Sun too!! I am so excited because Twilight was the book I really loved, and I think Edward was by far the most interesting character, so I would LOVE to get inside his head! Yay :)

I finally read Breaking Dawn this past weekend, and I just wrote a post with my thoughts on the book. http://earthtobella.com/2008/08/19/twilight-addict-not-so-anonymous/
I am really curious and excited about Midnight Sun as well! I hope there will be more books from the Edward-and-Bella-verse.

...clearly I am behind-the-times. I haven't started Twilight, and I have no idea what Midnight Sun means. So....I'm off to google for inspiration.


I totally agree that the last half of the book redeemed itself. It really made me like the series a lot more.

I still hate the name Renesmee. Hate.

I think you and I had the same turning point in the book. As soon as Bella turned vampire and started adjusting to her new life, I was hooked. Up until that point, I was interested, but I wasn't feeling like I NEEDED to read it every chance I got. And then everything changed, and thank goodness. Excellent, excellent end to the series.

I have to agree with Erin, though, about Renesmee. Terrible name. Absolutely terrible. It's the type of name that really shows Bella's youth, i think. The kind of name that you might think is a good idea when you're in high school, but that later, when you'd matured, you'd be relieved to have never actually forced another person to live with for their entire life. Terrible name, Renesmee.

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