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Friday, August 08, 2008


Well, you know I'M loving these posts :)

I so need to go read New Moon again because it really runs together with Eclipse in my mind (I was surprised to read your review and realize that the whole werewolf story started in book 2 - I was thinking it wasn't until book 3). You'll LOVE Eclipse, I think.

At first, I thought I loved Twilight better, but the more I think about New Moon, the more I love New Moon! It's a toss up for me.

I love the relationship between Jacob and Bella, even though I was missing Edward. Talk about a demonic love triangle!

I still haven't purchased Eclipse. You see, my copies of Twilight and New Moon are in paperback. Eclipse is still only available in hardcover and I like my book series to match. Lame, I know, but what I can do? I may have to break down and go to the library....or just check it out from Borders, because you can do that when you husband runs the place.

Erin - I am having the EXACT SAME DILEMMA. I am trying really, really hard to save money, blah blah, so I got Twilight from the library. Since I wasn't hooked yet, I didn't mind having to wait a few weeks to get it. But once I finished it, I had to have New Moon immediately, and I couldn't find anyone with a copy to lend me, so I bought it.... in paperback. To save money. The next, day, I got a 15% off coupon from B&N, and I bought Twilight (also in paperback) because I wanted to re-read parts of it, and I was also afraid that if I waited too long, I would only be able to get the copy with the movie scene cover, and I HATE books with movie scene covers. I planned to just wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to come out in paperback to buy them (which is already a given because I can't have an incomplete set) because my coworker had copies of both that she was willing to lend me.

HOWEVER. This morning she came in and told me sorrowfully that she can't find her copy of Eclipse anywhere. Obviously, I cannot wait for the library copy to become available (I've already been on the wait list for weeks), so I went out and bought it - but it's only in hardcover. So I am totally going to return Twilight and New Moon to B&N this weekend and re-buy them in hardcover, because having a set that doesn't match just isn't possible.

EDWARD!!! Personally, I like Twilight more but I love New Moon for all of the same reasons you do. I love the scene between Edward and Bella when they are walking through the tunnel underground after she has stopped him from walking into the sunlight and he is touching her face knowing that this may be the only reunion they get to have. LOVE IT!!

Oh, yes, you're going to love them.

The first time I read Eclipse, I was frustrated as I finished it because I had somehow had the idea that the series would be a trilogy, and where was my resolution?! Oh, four books, really? But I re-read it before Breaking Dawn came out and it's so good. Just you wait, or rather, don't wait!

As I warned you yesterday in Gchat - I am going to have to insist that you stay far, far away from drugs and alcohol.

OPH, I'm so happy that you are loving these books.

So does this mean you are Team Edward?

Okay, so when I was curled up reading New Moon and I came to the blank pages I gasped. I loved that little trick. I just felt like it was so visual. Even grown-up Isabel loved them. I actually think that teenage Isabel would have rolled her eyes at them.

I finished Breaking Dawn today. I think the first half of BD were my favorite in the entire series.

(I am not sure I even remember specifics of Eclipse. I wonder if that's because I listened to the audio books and didn't read it?)

I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, but Eclipse was my favorite of the first 3. So if you ask me, you're gonna love the next one even more! But then again, what do I know? I prefer Jacob and I'm not that enthralled with these books. I guess I'm missing part of one of my X chromosomes or something, cuz ALL my friends adore the books and especially Edward.

I couldn't put down New Moon either until I could rest assured that Edward was back, haha. I personally think I preferred the first book because it had more Edward and Bella didn't suffer through half of it, but I loved the second as well. And the third one too, by the way! I am sure you will not feel any different when you read it. :)
The months going by, I really liked that she did that. It made you have to turn a page for every month that went by which made it more real.
I still haven't read the fourth one, waiting for it to get here in the mail sucks. But it was my choice to wait to save some money.
My guess is you will indeed be running to the bookstore the day after you read Eclipse to get Breaking Dawn. ;)

The only thing I didn't like about the Romeo and Juliet parallels was that it made me really worried that the series would end with Edward and Bella dead. I can't tell you how relieved I was when she switched parallel stories in Eclipse.

Also -- I couldn't agree more with you and your hatred of books with movie scene covers. I'm glad to have bought my books early enough to avoid that.

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