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Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is exactly what the Harry Potter craze was like :)

And it just warms my heart to see you loving these books as much as everyone else. Man, though, just reading your post made me realize how long it's been since I read New Moon - I need to go back and reread, clearly. And I was reading as fast as I could to see if Edward would ever come back. I think that's part of the reason that book is so foggy in my mind; I couldn't concentrate on the story when THERE WAS NO EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this is what the HP craze was like. Fun, isn't it?

Isn't it strange how the lack of Edward totally changes the book? It was so intense for me!

It's so hard to not tell you anything.


And yes, this is what the HP craze was like. But yeah, even I was late to this craze.

(My mom tried to get me to read Twilight YEARS ago. YEARS.)

(Also, I didn't pay too much attention to Edward being gone. But now when I look back at New Moon I'm all bummed about the LACK OF EDWARD.)

(But I also don't hate Jacob like most of the fans do.)

I don't really have words other than EDWARD!!!! You'll love Eclipse!
Ok, I have to go read now! :)

I also love the series. I found New Moon so hard to read just because I was empathizing with how Bella felt after Edward left... that was hard to read. I am now waiting for the 4th book to get here in the mail. I ordered it from the UK because it was so much cheaper than here, but it means waiting an extra week (or actually probably more than that), and it's really hard.
Glad I could finally read a post about the Twilight series, without having the last book spoiled for me.

When I read these books I had to force myself to leave them at home. I knew if I had them with me at work I would not be able to resist sneaking in a few pages here and there at my desk. And you know how it goes -- allow yourself a few pages and that's it. A few hours and a couple hundred pages later, you realize there's no way you can ever read "just a few." So I left teh books at home. And I didn't get a lot of sleep until the books were finished. When I did sleep, I dreamed about Edward.

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