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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Your meal plan sounds frighteningly ambitious. It looks like everyone liked everything, judging from your brother's enthusiastic thumbs-up. Go, you!

Look at you!! Look at you cook! Yowza chica, you're a freaking rock star!!


I am with you, WTH is a blade steak?

I am so jealous your brother is spending the summer in GNP. We went there after our wedding and spent several days there. It is an amazing part of the US, Brooks and I both look forward to going back sometime!

Overachievers unite!

Those mushrooms look heavenly! I will definitely be trying that!

You did a fabulous job feeding the bikers!

From this post, I got: you've never cooked mushrooms before?! I'm glad you tested them out on your brother, that's what siblings are for.

I find most sauces for steak too fussy. I mean, it's delicious, bloody, fatty MEAT! What else could it possibly need!?

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