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Thursday, October 09, 2008


I'm so glad there is another girl out there that isn't in a mad rush to get married.

Also I feel facebook and myspace help so much with keeping in touch. I don't think I need to attend reunions b/c I can spy on everyone I don't really want to see, but can become real friends again with those I lost touch with accidentally.

The cat pictures are adorable.

I hear what you mean about wanting to feel accomplished. My ten-year high school reunion is coming up and I'm kinda dreading it. I've gotten married and had a kid and... that's it. Yeah, that's alright, but... I never had a good job or did anything really cool. It's a bummer.

Wait, are you driving through Albany? We're like 15 minutes off the highway......... please stop?! :)

Also? Then you can leave your camera behind at my house and I'll forget to mail it to you. Did you have to fiddle with the fstops, etc., to take those or do they just magically turn out gorgeous? You took apic of my fave apple (the Mutsu. Trust me). Awesome!

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