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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1. I am jealous you got to hang out with NPW.

2. I'm definitely in the obsessed version. I was late to the party, but read the first two in two days and the last two about a week later (because Borders took forever to deliver them.) And also stayed up until 2 AM one night reading the partial version of Midnight Sun, which is by far my favorite book. Only because I lurve Edward.

Oh it just warms my heart to see that other people have not forgotten these books/movie just because it hasn't only come out two days ago.

NOW I finally get the obsession. I put off reading Twilight but then borrowed it from a co-worker last week. Now I'm starting on New Moon. Best book ever. I can't believe I have a crush on a vampire.

Although I am slightly less obsessed than you I did still read Midnight Sun, and I did still request that my 30th birthday present be a trip to the movies for the opening of Twilight. So I think it's safe to say I fall somewhere between Crazy and Super Fan.

Also, when are you coming to Boston again? The fancy hotels NEED our patronage to class the place up!

I'm not a huge fan of the series as a whole, but I did love Twilight and am REALLY looking forward to the movie! (Although I'm still kind of bitter about HP being pushed back, so I probably won't go see Twilight on opening night just to take a completely meaningless stand against The Man!)

I haven't even read the books yet, but I did stumble across this kind of thing on etsy:

Apparantly, you aren't hte only one.

I think I fall in the fan category, but can there maybe be a superfan category, too? I'm not The Obsessed, but... I like to think I'm more than just a little fan. ;)

I think I fall somewhere between fan and Obsessed. I can't wait for the movie, though!

Dude, I already have tickets for three different showings of the movie within 2 days! Yea, THREE different showings.

Oh, and did you know that I got on the set of the Twilight movie?! You should totally check out my story and pics if you haven't.


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