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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have ruined boxed mac and cheese more times than I'd care to admit. You're not alone!

I have made milk reduction before, but with water and Easy Mac, in my college microwave. Mm, cheese water with noodles.

I remember making mac and cheese reduction in a tea kettle and draining it in a water fountain when i was in college. Delicious.

And if you want ruination, you should have had some of the leek sputum soup Simons made the other day. I asked him to make vichysoise (I can't freaking spell that) while I went running, and instead, I came home to this horrific sulphuric miasma. And as it was inedible, he did as men are wont to do instead of cleaning up their messes, and set it on the back of the stove for me to find three days later after it had FERMENTED.

Are you SURE you want to get married?

I did that once, but...I was drunk.
I then proceeded to get in bed with a bowl of mac and cheese soup and go to sleep. My partner loved me for that!

This is sooo something I would do! LOL

Also, I bought my Twilight ticket on Fandango today!

My girlfriend made mac n' cheese in highschool and managed to turn the whole thing into a clump of charred black goo. You're doing okay with your extra milk, I assure you.

We've all been there. I once ruined a double batch of cookies by using the 1/2 cup measure instead of the 1 cup. Gooey, nasty mess anyone?
PS I love the color of your kitchen! I want a blue just like that.

M:PT got away from me also... and I really wanted to do well this go around.

Oh well.
Also- I usually eff up mac and cheese.... So no worries

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