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Friday, November 07, 2008


Dude, your family is crazypants. But perhaps still smarter than mine, since we are expected to go to two and even three Christmas dinners, galloping from one end of the state to the other. Sooo not fun, especially with my brother-in-law's twin nephews sacking the house like screaming Huns. I vetoed his family Thanksgiving about 10 years ago and have had Orphan Thanksgiving with my friends. One of my besties flies out here every year now, this will be the third time; and we shop (I only like shopping with her) and eat out everywhere and go to Sonoma. And this year, I've also vetoed Christmas at home. Hallelujah, Tahoe here I come. Maybe I'll be depressed not to see my dad, but I kinda doubt it.

Dude that's awesome. Seriously. My mother stopped celebrating all holidays because my brother, sister and i were always somewhere else.

I need to suggest this, because seriously traveling to effing CT or VT for thanksgiving is so effing expensive it's not even worth it for three days.

My family often does a late Christmas. At least every other year because I have to spend that year doing Christmas Day at my in-laws. We did Christmas in January two years ago!

we flew out christmas eve last year and spent christmas day in kauai! i wish we could do it again this year :)

I just found an old LP of my mother's that's 25 of the World's Favorite Melodies -- "Claire de Lune" from Debussy is on there. EEEdddwwwaaarrrddddd!

That's all I wanted to say, haha! You're one of the only other people, that I personally know or "know" online, that is obsessed with the Twilight series as much as I am!

My family is like this, too. Our Thanksgiving Day is on whatever day the Egg Bowl is on, so it's ranged from actual Turkey Day to the Friday or Saturday after.

I totally have 4 Thanksgivings scheduled for this year, starting this week, ending never (ok, day after the actual event)....one with Mom's fam, one with Dad's fam, one with The Boy's fam and one with my friends. Sigh...that's a LOT of turkey!


How do you think Jesus feels about you just going and changing his BIRTHDAY??? LOL Just kidding. I think your holiday scheduling is brilliant!! Edgar and I will do our own personal Christmas, but I'll be at my parents on the actual day--he can't take the time off of work and it would break my heart if I wasn't with my fam.

Now all I need to do is get Tim's family on board... because my mom would freak out if we changed the holidays.

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