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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Alright. I'll have to go see it now. Here's to hoping that I find a way to get out of the house (read: find someone to take care of the baby) so I can go out and catch it before I end up having to wait for the DVD.

You are exactly right!

I agree 100%! I am a 38 year old in love with a fictional vampire!

I am so looking forward to the "Twilight movie verdict, having seen it eight times now" edition. I can't stop thinking about it. About him. Like you, I really don't care about the flaws because Edward is so perfect. SO perfect it makes me sure I have a sickness.

The more I think about the movie, the more I think about Edward, the more I can feel the obsession growing inside of me. And wishing Edward were inside of me. Was that TMI? LOL

But seriously, yesterday I was wishing I could watch the movie again. I actually think my favorite part was in the beginning of the movie, the first time we see the Cullens. It's just such a sexy scene!

I started New Moon last night and I'm all like WTF, he left?? HE CAN'T JUST LEAVE! Somehow I am pretty sure she will see him again, but still. It angers me!

I finally saw it yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Yes, there were problems, but there always are when you turn a book into a movie. I have yet to really like any of the Harry Potter movies.

I have to say, when they cast Robert Pattison as Edward I DID NOT SEE IT. And even in the commercials I was all "Cedric Diggory IS hot, but I'm not sure he's Edward."

Now after seeing it? HE IS SO EDWARD! And I have this obsession with him and everything and I'm 31! I want an Edward!

Agreed. I'm still noodling over my own review, but I have to tell you, having read your first review before I saw the movie, I COULD NOT STOP from laughing at the spider monkey line in the theater. I finally knew what the hell you were talking about! Too funny.

I have read the first book and was still kind of eh. The movie was what I needed to get excited about reading the rest of the books (starting tonight!). I wasn't really on the Edward bandwagon until the scene where he rescues her in Port Angeles. I thought the movie was a lot more tolerable and less cheesy...Bella's clumsiness and Edward's hovering turned me off the book. But Kristen Stewart...was awful.

You are 100% right.

(And did everyone in your theater laugh when Dr. Cullen first walked in? Dude, TOO MUCH MAKE UP.)

But Edward...PERFECT!

As Chris said, it was the best bad movie I have seen in a long time. It was like a two hour long CW special, and I loved it anyway. Except for the makeup. And the sparkles. And the fact that they didn't talk about any of the vampire powers except for Edward and Alice.

Now I'm nervous for New Moon!

i totally agree. the movie wasn't perfect and i don't think it could have been. but i still liked it and i still want to see it again and i still think that edward is so incredibly swoon worthy and amazing.


I just read Erika's comment and YES, when he pulls into the alley in her car to save Bella I got a little too excited. Which surprised me.

But damn, The Driving got me!

I think it is one of the most faithful book to movie translations I've ever seen. I WANT THAT. I am one of those who would have sat for a 5 hour Harry Potter. I liked it. I agree with your criticisms, and I wonder if I didn't like some of those things because they weren't in the book. The one I would add: Edward's hair was just strange.

i think your review is pitch perfect. lots of holes, lots of things that could have been fixed, lots of things that could have been better. but it was twilight and it was edward in the flesh and i loved it and i will see it again.

only this time without the screaming 15 yr olds.

You crack me up. My mom got suckered into the midnight showing and she had no idea what the movie was even about...and she was SHOCKED. And she hated it. She thinks vampires are nasty and has absolutely no Edward-love. I love hearing her version of the movie and your version of the movie....hilarious!


I wasn't very impressed with the movie and I love the books. You're right though, I'll go watch it again and will buy it because it is still Twilight. Plus, I love me some RPattz!

oh so true. the spider monkey and monkey man references? Come on now...I don't see "the cullens" talking like that at all...why add in stupid things? But alas, I too ...at 36 and the mother of two am smitten anyways!!!!

Personally I would put a lovely bench so all the squirrels could use it and maybe add a mini bar and a Jacuzzi at a later date just for the wildlife though!

ok here goes. i normally dont watch vampire movies. to bloody to gorey. but this seemed like i just wanted to buy it so i watched it and i was totally turned on by edward. Bella i felt was odd and kind of plain but still pretty but Edward. those eyes, that face and that hair. i have not been able to stop thinking about him. this disturbs me because i am married and i am 32. dont you think it is odd women who see this movie have this intense, and i mean INTENSE wanting of "Edward". I am worried myself. because it really isn't me but like something is drawing me to watch it over and over and over.


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