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Monday, December 01, 2008


Ooh, what'd you think of Hunger Games? Did you see Stephenie Meyer talked about it on her website?

Yeah, Hunger Games! My fave YA book of the year. Also, where did you find $30 jeans? I looked everywhere and I barely even saw any sales.

Whoa, you are right. Almost the same. It's quite uncanny, really.

Wasn't Hunger Games awesome? I'm happy for your and your jeans; my Black Friday shopping was not quite the spectacular I'd hoped for.

Happy Thankfulness To You! Huzzah for snuggleable kitties (to which I'm allergic), wonderful lives, awesome jeans and fantastic websites.

Love ya!

Yes, yes, YES on the preposition thing! Ha ;) And man, that episode of 24 was a real heart wringer. (Spoiler alert) I nearly melted down at the end when it didn't seem like they were going to let the kids through the gate :\

And I am thankful for you and for having a safe place where I profess my love for all things Edward and know I won't be judged.

I'm thankful that you have this site so I can read it! ;)

this is be cool 8) espacioporno :-(((

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