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Monday, December 15, 2008


Two things:

1) I love the phrase "total loon," and almost snarfed when I read it.

2) Do you love the skirt?! Mine is coming with my sister at Christmas, and I can hardly wait.

(Erm, I realize that these are not related to the main bulk of your post. Mishmash, right? Right.)

What a pretty picture!

Huzzah for Christmas and holiday decorating--on a budget.

And double huzzah for argyle tights! Hello, I still want pics!


Brown argyle tights sound adorable and I kind of want them.

Wedding stuff sounds like it's coming along smoothly. That's good!

There's nothing wrong with Christmas cards with cats on them. I just received one in the mail today even. A Christmas card with cats on it, that is.

Hey, we did the box store tree thing too. Isn't it just so convenient? $32 for a 6' fir is not too shabby in my book.


I think I need some brown argyle tights now...

STUNNING photograph.

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