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Thursday, April 30, 2009


You bruise like I do. Something simple that should heal in a few days and it looks like someone beat the crap out of you.

I can get punched in the face and not get a bruise, but run into a door frame and I look like I have been beaten.

Hope it heals quickly!

OMG that hurts me just LOOKING at it! Owie!


Dang gena!! That makes me ache in my joints!



Holy crap that bruise looks painful.

I will say though that I was in a car accident in 2004 and hurt my knee and it took years to get back to normal, that's how deep the bruise was. YEARS. But now it's fine, so... yeah. I might have just jinxed myself.

I totally put the never broke a bone thing on my 100 list only to...break a bone three months later. Don't do it!! I will say that the broken bone required only two weeks in a cast and two weeks in a splint and had I sprained it, it would have taken months of rehab, so I don't know if it's true that an unbroken bone is always better than a broken one.

And I have bruises from that accident (six months ago!) that you can still see the outline of on my legs. Good times.

I hope you feel better soon!!! (Argh! The pain!! It looks so sad!!)

Holy WOW! That is unbelievable. Good thing you aren't a child, or CPS would TOTALLY be called in.

Those bruises still make me cringe. JG always grumbles that the cops will come after him about abuse because I am always black and blue from my own klutziness. "I ran into the door, officer, honest!"

Oh ow you poor thing ow ugh must look away poor baby ow!

Ouch! That looks quite painful - but at least you can milk it for as long as possible! :D

damn. as mr. squirrel just said, "WHAT are you looking at?!?!" Sweetie, I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks.

After several months of serving as a recess supervisor, I can safely say that is the first legitimate injury I have seen.

Good Lord, woman! That looks awful! You poor thing. :(

Yikes, ouch! That looks like my foot right about now. So maybe I didn't actually break my pinkie toe, I just bruised the bone. That's rotten. Go brush.

Oh my gosh, Jen! What are you doing to yourself? ;)

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