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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


My word. I hate (hate being a generically used word here) the girl that my husband dated before me. Okay, fine. The two girls he dated before me. The worst part is that I knew them pretty well. But really, we've been together almost 12 years so I am pretty sure it's over.

I want a hunky man. One I love so much I can freely hate his former girlfriends/failed relationships. If you see one lying about, send him my way.

Also, can you come organize my desk/file cabinets/decade-old stacks of papers?


Yeah, I'd hate her too. Stupid invisible has-been ex-girlfriend. *shakes fist*

And also, we are one month apart in our eight year anniversaries - ours is coming up in um, two weeks. Crazy! :)

(Also. I feel old.)

Maybe he was doing some of those things alone and with guy friends!

Aww, I have a hard time throwing away old notes and day planners as well.
I have never been in a relationship that long but it must be hard realizing there were women before you. Of course you know it, but when you come across something like this it's just so in your face. But you definitely won. :)

Ha! Too funny. A few months ago I was looking through some of my MIL's old pictures, and came across a picture of my husband talking to some hot blonde at a party. Something about the picture just looked like they *really* liked each other. I was BURNING WITH JEALOUSY. And sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out who the hell she was, and was lifting the phone to call my husband...when I realized, hey, that's my coat! The hot chick was me ten years ago. (Clearly, I do not look like that any longer.)

Wow I think we might be sisters, maybe even twins because HOLY CRAP I DO THE SAME THING WITH MY PLANNERS.

In college different classes were in different colors. I tried so hard after college to go digital, but I found myself quickly back to the land of Moleskins. Something about writing it down makes it feel like I'm more organized...

And #2. I would totally want to kill the broad as well.

Hahahaha!! My favorite part is how you want to track her down to tell her to back off. If that is not the perfect illustration of how it feels to be jealous, I don't know what is. Yay you for winning in the end ;)

That's hilarious, and adorable. My dad was married, briefly, like 10 years before he even met my mother (who is 16 years his junior) and my parents live in the house where my dad grew up. Occasionally mom finds wedding photos (my parents eloped) or letters from the ex-wife to my grandparents and it drives her nuts. I never really understood until I got married myself!

And my filing cabinet is a disaster, but I haven't been motivated to organize so I'm just going to buy a second one.

alle alle jandro alle alle jandro.

My husband is still friends with his stupid exes. And we have, in fact, dined with them. At their homes. With their husbands. Yick.

I am also very glad to hear that I'm not the only one who keeps old school papers! I have a huge plastic tub of every paper I've ever written for a grade. And I also keep old calendars and day planner pages, although I have never looked twice at an old calendar or day planner.

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