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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Registering (aka spending other people's money ahead of time for one's own benefit) has marvelous curative effects! And what is up with people's obsession with the nursery? The kid is not even going to notice.

For the first half of this pregnancy, I was completely fine with not being able to drink. Cocktails didn't even sound that good to me. Now, though? I'm officially missing the booze. It must be the warm weather, because nothing sounds better to me than an ice cold beer/glass of white wine/summer cocktail. Luckily, virgin daquiries and pina coladas go a long way toward satisfying that particular craving.

For some reason, the knowledge that we're having a boy sparked an urge to start registering and buying baby things. Or maybe it was the realization that I'm halfway there and haven't done a single thing to get ready for this child's arrival. Regardless, I started to look online at registry options yesterday and quickly got overwhelmed and gave up. Can't someone narrow the thousands of options out there to, like, 3 for me and then just let me pick the cutest one?

P.S. You look fabulous!

I agree with RA on the nursery obsession, what gives? It's not like a 8 pound munchkin who spends 20 hours per day sleeping is going to be concerned with paint colors and cool artwork, right?


My daughter will be 3 months old on Saturday. I just finally got her a dresser last week. Her room was not finished being painted until she was 2 weeks old. The pictures are framed but still on the floor. And yet she is happy and healthy!

So cute about Joel picking out the towel. You two are going to do great!

I just want a fucking turkey sandwich. Seriously man. Turkey.

But I get you - Brooks and I decided last week on colors. You know how we decided? We have a gallon of the beigey color of paint left from our living/dining room so we figured we would use that. I want to paint a tree on it in white and I think we are going with green and dark brown. The only reason we even picked those colors was because everyone EVERYONE kept asking us our theme. OUR THEME? Our theme is not to have a theme. I don't want a bunch of pooh bear shit sitting around. I don't want a bunch of anything. We don't even have a theme in any of our other rooms in our house. They are all simple and basic.

And registering? I told you before, thank god for my sister giving me a list of "shit you will need".

Seriously I know this is awful but Brooks and I's theory about cribs and carseats was almost like this - Surely they wouldn't sell them if they are recalled, right?

Good god, our child is doomed.

Love Love Love the post! i am tearing up myself over the cat in the hat hooded towel!

You're looking great! (In a totally non-creepy mom-to-mom sort of way, on the Internet.) I loved your first paragraph here because I always felt the same as you do... and you might want to take those very same thoughts and apply them to the first few months of motherhood, when you are sleep deprived and adjusting and everyone wants to make sure you are continually Basking In The Glow Of New Life. Ahem.

It IS going by quickly, in Readerland. :)

My hat is off to your astute cmaomnd over this topic—bravo!

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