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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


omg jen your doctors!!!! wtf!!!! Even *i* know what thrush is and I do not (yet, haha) have a baby. I cant believe what a stupid time waste it has been getting a totally normal treatment. I am so sorry that happened to you.

I'm so sorry!!! YES, only see that one OB. The others are whack. SerIOUSLY! They've never breastfed, and your hormones! I feel like driving down and smacking them myself! I didn't catch on for a while, too, that my OB wanted zero questions about the baby/breastfeeding. She was all about ME and my pregnant self and getting the baby out safely. Oh, and she was great about my bruised and battered nether regions, but she'd look completely vacuous when I asked her anything about my newborn. That's when you call the pediatricians and cry. And when your boobies hurt, if your lactation consultants don't give you the right feedback, can you try your local La Leche League? They might be able to help answer questions/direct you in the right way. I LOVE YOU and I'm sorry your boobs hurt. I feel your pain!!! Feel better, awesome mommy!!!!

OMG! Thats ridiculous that you should have had to go through that. Your previous OB is lucky you didn't smack him. It's an antibiotic for cripe's sake, not a narcotic. I'm lucky to say that I've never had thrush, thank you jesus, but if I had, I'd be calling the exchange every 20 minutes until someone had procured me some drugs. Hopefully you won't have to go through this again, but if you do, I'm glad you've found a reasonable OB. Feel better soon!

I'm sorry. That is all.

(And I have to agree with J up there - even childless me knows what thrush is!! Come on health care professionals!)

I cannot believe your doctors. So glad you are switching because that whole painful ordeal was completely unnecessary for you. Jimminy crickets.

.... I realize that health care and accessible doctors are one of the greatest benefits of Western Society. But holy hell, this is soooo not okay!!


Oh, how horrible. Thrush sucks. I had it with my first born, and oh, it was terrible. FYI, there is a thing called gentian violet that you can find at most health food stores that you paint on your nips and in baby's mouth and it also helps to make it go away (although it stains everything in a three mile radius a neon purple and people will think that you are feeding your newborn grape KoolAid.) Also, find a new OB.

Oh my God... I just... I can't even imagine. This sounds awful. One of my friends has had thrush for months now, and I don't think I fully understood how horrible it is. Thank you for helping me be more compassionate about how much this sucks :( I really hope you get this cleared up soon.

I want to just throttle that doctor. What in the world? Glad things are looking up!


That is seriously fucked up. Also, I'm really glad I've never experienced this thrush business. It sounds mindbogglingly painful. I had an episode of mastisis on one side and that was pain enough for me. Thank goodness for the internet and your lactation consultant. They deserve flowers.

I agree, you need a new doctor. Thrush is very common and they shouldn't be treating you like a crack addict. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience. I hope the thrush clears up soon.

What is so maddening to me as I read this is that I TOO have encountered nearly this EXACT kind of trouble when trying to treat thrush. We had a family doctor (bonus to this is he could treat us BOTH, instead of seeking out two doctors), but he was really over-casual about it with my twins. "It's far from their heart" is what he actually said to me. UM? All due respect, but I'm not worried about THE BABIES right now. IT'S MY BREASTS. That they suck on. EVERY TWO HOURS.

We have a different dr. now and when I got thrush this time I had to TELL HIM how to treat us. I'm actually really close friends with his wife, so I think that's the ONLY reason he listened to me: he knew me out of context as "just a patient" and knew that I knew what I was talking about.

I'm so sorry. It's so frustrating and maddening when the PROFESSIONALS don't know how to treat us, and we have to bring in our own info to educate them. It's seems like thrush is one of those things though where most doctors have NO CLUE how to effectively treat it. Thank god for lactation consultants and the internet!

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