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Sunday, January 01, 2012


That is one adorable kid! What a great smile.

I am sure you have tried everything and will smack anyone who comments on it (ergo, me), but you have found a doctor who is treating you in conjunction with Hannah at the same time so you aren't passing it back and forth, yes?? I am so sorry about the thrush, that is a painful and annoying condition to have for thirteen weeks with no end in sight.

LOVE! Love! Love! Looks like a great 1st Christmas for the little bundle of cuteness and her parents!

Hannah is SO CUTE! I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying each other for more hours of the day.

But the thrush is still around? Oh LORD you poor woman! I hope hope hope you find a solution soon!

Wait, what is Matt Damon doing in your famiy Xmas photos? :)

Hooray 3 months!

And also...


I'm so sorry for this miserable thrushness that has taken over your life :( I think you should find some computer savvy person that can email a virus to your previous pediatrician so that every time he tries to go on the computer, giant photos of your thrush-filled boobs accost him. But I'm so happy to hear that you're really enjoying Hannah and that she's turning into such an awesome little person. She surely is adorable!

Man, she is cute.

Are these the first photos of Joel? I feel like I have never seen Joel before! Hi, Joel!

I still cannot entirely wrap my mind around the idea of thrush, what it does to you, how it is treated, etc. And frankly, I hope that the damn pediatrician who said it wasn't any big deal gets it himself. Yes, moldy gashes on his Ph.D'd man boobs. That is my New Year's wish.

Thrush aside, I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas. That second pic of Hannah is one of the best things I've seen on the internet all year. Yes, the year is young, but even so, the statement stands.


Thrush or yeast infection is something you just cannot ignore. It will definitely ruin your life and makes it mesirable. But there are plenty of cures out there that don't involved otc drugs that are very effective. In fact, there is one holistic method that can give instant relief from the symptoms within 12 hours.

And by the way, what a wonderful child. She is such a bundle of joy.

Parenthood is so exhausting. I thought I knew what to expect.....but I didn't. I still obsess about my child's (21 months) sleep. So sorry about the thrush. Oi.

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Great set Rowan .Love the 3rd shot particulary the lnihtgig on their face's is perfect with the viewers gaze flows naturally leading you down looking at what's to come! Are you going too do a follow-up new-born shoot because you should!

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