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Monday, May 14, 2012


at yoga our teacher encourages us to keep trying even if we fall over or can't manage the pose, and he uses a baby learning to standup and walk. That baby keeps falling, but keeps trying, and trying, and trying until she masters the pose! But I know it is hard to watch sometimes! Let's just hope she masters this skill quickly. Wait till you watch her learn stairs!!

Gah, she's so cute! I can't believe she's big enough to think she can start walking! Goodness, what a cute little munchkin.


So cute! Her expressions are killing me in these last few posts. The chips/shopping cart one is definitely my favorite.

Ree always tries to stand up in the seat of the grocery cart. Aargh.

I see you guys hit the Oreo aisle. Please tell me you indulged.

Oh my goodness, she is so freaking adorable. And that paragraph about crossing the Delaware was awesome... love it!

Could she be any cuter? (I don't think so.)

Rerun is the same darn way...he wants to stand in the cart. He cries and screams and demands I let him do it. I usually do let him if Babboo sits in the back of the cart with him. (This may actually be worse. I'm not sure.) A few weeks ago I let Rerun do it, without Babboo in the cart with him....and when Babboo and I turned around to look at something...he fell out onto the floor at Target. I KNOW I'M A BAD PARENT AND I TAKE ALL THE BLAME. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. I screamed super loud, right there in Target. And he screamed.

But he was fine. Nothing broken, etc. But dude, so close.

I guess all those warnings on the carts are for real. Now I know. (Hangs head in shame.)

Oh my goodness, the image of her standing in the cart like Washinton crossing the Delaware is TOO MUCH. (Too much cute, and too much funny, that is.)

I have very clear memories of riding around in the big basket of the shopping cart as a wee one. I've often cringed at the thought of grocery shopping with two little ones--I think it's going to be quite a few months of your earliest technique of just waiting until the hubs or a friend is available to go with me!

I am a little woozy from all the cute.

Hannah makes riding in a grocery look like THE FUNNEST THING EVER! She also does it pretty adorably too.

I love reading your take on new motherhood and babies. So relatable! Hannah is adorbs and YOU, my friend, are doing a fantastic job.

Every time I see someone with their carseat/carrier in the grocery part of the grocery cart, I want to say, "IT FITS IN THE SEAT! Snap that baby in there!"

Love the look of the site, its cool and your child's picture looks stinnung at the top.Just regarding your post and baby items which are a waste of money and those that are good, one thing you should waste/invest your money on is a lullaby lightshow, (though I dont know if they still make them but someone does).They play music, usually Brahms, and have a little lightshow. I was able to put my daughter to bed and she would fall asleep to this without having to sit over her. Leaving me free to do all the other things you need to do for a baby when you have a moment.Anyway will be popping back again And thanks for the link, sometimes you find really cool sites when they have linked to you, which is how I found gingerpixel, us redheads have to stick together

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pspan class="comment-author"Suzanne span-/span /spanOh Melissa, I wish we knew each other in person. I see you on FRAMED and read your aosmwee blogs. You have such a way of writing and making beautiful pictures go together so elegantly. My day is better when I read these blogs. My two favs? The one you wrote about Rachel when her baby was born, and this one you wrote about your own sweet angels decent from heaven./ppThank you, you are truly blessed with many gifts./ppSuzanne/p

Beverly - You really cteuarpd all of our feelings for our evening of service. No activity could have been more rewarding than being at the Rescue Mission with these grateful people and hearing their amazing stories. How thankful I am for caring people who set up facilities like the mission to aid people at some point of dependency during their life and then provide a way for others like us to be involved. Thanks to you and Philip for making us aware that we need to do this type of service as often as we can!!

Lyna - I totally agree with you! I just had my fifth baby and now I amslot laugh at how easy 3 was. Though it wasn't really easy;) If I had a dollar for every time I hear Looks like you've got your hands full Well one hand full, to be exact. And my arms full and my lap full and my heart overflowing. I am blessed. Your girls are beautiful! Like their mama:)

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