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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love this title so much.

BRAVO to you for surviving two weeks alone with Hannah. Our kids have always been early risers - for Kara and Nathan, 6:30 is sleeping in - so I totally hear you on long days made even longer by a crack-of-dawn wake up. You are a rockstar for making it through. And so is Joel! I never like being away from home for work; I'm sure it was hard on him, too.

My husband travels quite a bit so I find myself doing the solo parenting gig as well. I have to agree, it does get easier as the days go on. Something about out of sight, out of mind? It's almost more annoying when my husband comes back with his crap-load of laundry and his noisy used-to-always-thinking-about-himself mode until we get back in the groove of things.

Jealous your husband gets up with the baby every morning and lets you sleep in. Mine is too busy whining how tiiiiired he is from working all week. GAH.

Geez, didn't mean to dump on my husband so much! (Can you tell he's traveling this week and I'm running on no sleep)?

you're a rockstar, my dear!


Successs! You need a big old badge.

Wow - way to ROCK those (nearly) two weeks! I hope you have/had a great trip to Vermont, too.

Hannah is SUCH a cutie, by the way... So adorable.

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