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Friday, November 10, 2006


Okay...my only think to add to this (awesome) post is this...

Did you see the cell phone that Kate was talking to his husband on about "taco night"? Yeah, it wasn't some old style cell phone. It was like a 2006 model. So, what up with that?

Yes and Yes. I also told someone at work on Friday (because we watched it on Tivo on Thurs... not that I need to really explain but argh!) that I thought Lost had jumped the shark and then they jumped down my throat. The whole Kate/Sawyer doin' it in a ANIMAL CAGE with the DOOR OPEN when they could at least TRY to escape because um MAYBE the Others showed him a different side of the island overlooking a different island. Why would you stay? And have sex? Filthy, unshowered, unbrushedteeth sex? In a cage? No. Sorry. No. And yes on your other points.

I heart Sayid and Sun, btw. There is no point to that statement. But I had to get it out there.

Lost can bite me.

I lost (Hee) interest in Season 2 because WTF? Nah. My poor brain can't handle the strangeness, repetition and jumping around everywhere. Phew.

I've seen exactly three episodes of Lost now, while my husband's seen them all. And he is no less confused than I am.

I tell you what else is going to the dogs is Grey's Anatomy. Now it's just getting silly, and is anyone actually practicing MEDICINE in that hospital now?


HI.... Sorry but I'm "lost" when people talk about that show. (HA. Pun intended.)

Oh and Departed WAS awesome!

Totally with you on this one. Its like the slowest moving movie you've ever sat though. Very frustrating and confusing and, well who cares anymore? Check out this article, I totally agree. I've been wishing Lost was a miniseries for the past two seasons!


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