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Monday, November 06, 2006


Worst part about driving home (well other than when your car breaks down and you have to hang out in a 7-11 in delaware for 2 hours till dad comes to rescue you and your kitten...or when your car breaks down before you even leave)....are those stupid apatrment complexes on the side of the turnpike with advertising signs that say "if you lived here you would be home." The question i pose to you is: would you rather be sitting in ungodly traffic OR at the ML night before thanksgiving Friday's event....

I would rather be in traffic for a full 72 hours, with an exploding bladder and fifteen crying cats than go to TGIFriday's on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

The real question is, would I rather go to Friday's the day before Thanksgiving, or go to the 10-year reunion?? Jury's still out. Depends on if the reunion is open bar.

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