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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I tried to comment...and it ate it.

I think you passed on your insomnia to me last night! I was so exhausted and couldnt sleep. Ok..well.technically I guess i "slept" but I woke up almost every hour! I just took a nap in the womens' bathroom here at work which helped a little alhtough i never really fell asleep..just rested. What's your email address? will you email me?

ever try melatonin? Its OTC but its what all my 'crazy' horse-riding ranchmates took :)

I also get the Itchies at night sometimes. For me it's PMS-related...like the Itchies and the Bitchies!

Just so everyone knows. there IS a couch in the women's bathroom here at work! :) i wasn't taking a nap on the toilet or anything! :) hehe

my SIL struggles with this too. She takes Lunesta, and the docs swear it's non habit forming. Either way, I hope it gets better :(

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