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Thursday, January 25, 2007


hmmmmmmm where to begin? first of all...first story? hilarious! just 10!

as for the chore dividing thing? if anything I am the Joel in our relationship, the messier one. I think you have a few options:

1. come to an agreement that Joel just simply needs to be asked specifically to do things. And that when he is asked he happily does them. And that these asks are NOT considered naggings. And then? You just have to get over the fact that you don't want to ask, because at least it gets the job done and it's what you've agreed on.

2. You decide that you will do 50% of the cleaning (give or take, but about half) and that a cleaning lady will be hired for the other half, and it comes out of Joel's fun money (I am assuming he has money he would rather spend on XYZ than a cleaning lady...just an assumption here)

3. You accept that by living with and loving Joel, you will just be the primary housecleaner. It's part of the deal. But any of the things YOU don't like doing (yardwork, kitty litter, home maintenance, grocery shopping? I dunno what that thing is that you don't like) - Joel has got to do most of it. Somehow make it an even trade.

As for the cooking thing, we also run into this sometimes. I guess sometimes you have to let him have it his way, and sometimes he has to eat the damn CFCs. At my house, some nights we use that nasty pre-minced garlic that I hate, other nights we use the fresh stuff. Nobody is dead yet.

Hope this isn't assvice?

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