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Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'll be damned if My Sister's Keeper didn't take over my life too when I read it. Damn that Jodi Picoult.

And I go through the same thing with my family's cat everytime we go to the vet. Thank god for towels. Maybe we should try kitty tranquilizers next time...

Beulah can relate. She got her nub clawed by Holly's two evil cats about sixteen times a day while they were here. I'm not a big fan of cats right now, considering Fat Charlie and Sadie puked on my desk ALMOST ON MY LAPTOP, and shed everywhere and got litter all over the house. I think I prefer animals who stay on the GROUND and only have one pointy area instead of five. I hope your puncture wound heals. And squirt Madison with a water gun if he gives you any crap.

If you post something today, I'll comment again, but just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
hope you get spoiled on your bday!!

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