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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Totally one of my fave entries :) Loved the mom pics (i saw her last week!), loved the comment about being 4 afraid to turn 5 and missing birth (that is hilarious and frightening all at once), and i'll admit it, i had to giggle at the joel family resemblance. I can totally picture him as a young'un!

And you didn't stop by Casa de Squirrel because... oh yes, it was the holidays. Maybe next time! :) Looks like you had a great time-- thanks for sharing the pictures!

Your mom has the sweetest smile ever. She looks so huggy and yet cool and fun. Does she by any chance make gingerbread men?

I think I have to visit Vermont now. I'm just not feeling the winter here, what with all the sailing and surfing business. That photo with all the cute Vermont houses looked like EVERYONE was eating pancakes and maple candy.

I came over from Jemima...the photos are great of Burlington...did you know the downtown brick shopping area was designed by the same people who designed Pearl Street in Boulder, Co? I just found that out...they re similar...okay, my last comment is this: I find it hilarious that you had Old Navy sweat pants professionally hemmed!!! Then I looked around your blog to see how tall you are, thinking, "maybe she is REALLY short and needs everything hemmed"

The pics rock. And guess what? I've been to East Haven, which is right by North Haven. OH my gosh...awesome.

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