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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


oh man just reading this gave me anxiety....3 drinks sound good. Try to have fun in New Orleans, it's a very laid back city!

Wow...that is all kinds of stressing. I mean, for me, not you!!

And also, that's too many pills sweetie. I hope tonight's better.

I hate the required small talk too. I cringe just at the thought of it! Good luck on your trip!

Business trips suck, no two ways about it. You can be going to NY and staying at gd Ritz and it will still suck. Still, New Orleans will be cool, and maybe you can finish your work lickety-split and then go explore a tad (not too much, it IS dangerous there). I've heard the steaks at Houston's are awesome--one of the cablecar operators told me that and he's from NO. I talk to all cablecar drivers. They KNOW things. Also, best brunch is at the Two Sisters Cafe. Eat a beignet for me. So jealous.

And yes, that is too many pills. Maybe you need to lock the cats out of the bedroom at night? We had to do that with the damned itchy dog. We got a noisemaker too, with this beautiful rainy day sound. It's great except sometimes it makes me have to pee.

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