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Friday, March 23, 2007


Hmmm... it looks big enough to fit a laptop. You should expense it.

sorry I forgot to mention the dirty part. But glad you're having fun nonetheless. And beignets.....HOW I MISS THEM! Yum!

PS Awesome bag, don't feel guilty at all, you are in a city where that is not allowed!

I love the bag ...

I am sick about how freakin' cute that bag is. Screw a little Coach wallet, you found the mother lode.

And now I want one.

Hooray for your trip!

The bag is cute.

I say "work clothes" and "work pants." Now that I think about it, that sounds like I work on a construction site or something. "Business pants" makes me smile.

OHMIGOD THAT BAG IS SO AWESOME! Seriously! Coveting! So fancy, so big, so starlet!

Aren't beignets like the most delicious thing ever. Mmmm...deleeeecious. I've heard Bourbon St is nasty too, and is only for a ten second visit to say you've been there.

As far as "business pants," I hear you, but it's still funny. Like you're givin somebody the business. And of course, "pants" in Brist-speak are underpants, so telling your flatmate you'd love to go out but need to go throw on some pants is just TMI. They love that about us.

Oooh - what is a beignet? They look mighty yummy!

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