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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I suggest you drop 24 and all that other garbage for the gem that is Tori & Dean: Inn Love. You can thank me later!

PS it's on tonight!

Oh love.. I'm still crossing my fingers you're W-free!

(I bet strangers to your blog are wondering what the hell the W-word is. Hee.)

24 and Prison Break are the only two shows I'm actually watching at the moment. I just love all the cute boys, though I miss Jack and his sack. You know. THE JACKSACK. Yep.

ha ha, you had to shit on a stick!

Hope you don't have any parasites, but if you do, here's hoping they are much like the stomach flu: Presto! Skinny Jeans in Two Days! I kept hoping Holly would give me her Burma Flu, but that evil bitch didn't share!

Heros will be leaving? My hubby LOVES that show. He will mourn.

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