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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Gack! Tomatoes are EVIL things. They should be banished. *heaves*

For maximum Midwestern awesomeness, I recommend a visit to Minneapolis in the future. Except, it actually is awesome and not as hilarious as Decatur sounds.

I actually really like tomatoes - but am not a huge fan of Applebees, or Chili's, or TGI Fridays, or anything of that ilk (did I just use "ilk" in a sentence?!?). They all taste the same to me, and with the expception of the lava cake at Chili's - most of their food can be picked up from the frozen food aisle of the grocery store. Take home, deep fry, and eat with sauce. Done!

I'm right there with you in your hatred of tomatoes. However, I do love me some tomato soup. And ketchup. Go figure.

One time I decided to count the silos I saw as I drove from Denver to Vermont (aka through the entire. freaking. midwest.) That was truly stupid. I lost count sometime in Nebraska in the triple digits.

I have just found you from looking on someone else's sight aka, being a nosy stalker, but you crack my ass up. Okay, first of all tomatoes make me yack. I have banned applebees since a tomato incident. I ordered some shit there that was a salad and asked for no tomatoes and the server said oh, we can't do that. I said WTF? No actually I was polite and all the bs but he went back to the kitchen and "asked" sure. They told me I couldn't order the salad without tomatoes because it came prepared and they would have to pick them all out. I don't think the asswipe even asked.

Now, back to the renter's insurance on the car. If you have auto insurance on your own car, it covers you when you drive a rental car, at least with State Farm it is that way. Buttholes are just trying to rip you off. But way to rebel.

And lastly. I may have to go stalk out Heidikins from above bc that girl used "ilk" in a sentence. Impressive. Way to waste my day at work away...

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