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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


God, I know exactly how much it sucks to stare at the phone and wish the doctor would just CALL ALREADY! Totally uncool.

I've heard that swallowing chewing tobacco kills worms. You could give that a shot, but that might be even worse than Ricky. (gags a little at the thought)

Hey, how do you get the nifty book sidebar up there? I need one of those.

Oh, god... it's so wrong that I read this and think "Wow, Ricky really IS a nifty diet tool!"

I hope it's nothing and that you have to rely on good old diet and exercise like the rest of us!

Hi! Found you via Isabel!

Reading about Ricky kinda makes me wish I had a parasite of my own. Perhaps a "Steve" or a "Charlie."

Then again, a pet rock will do.

Oh Jen, I think you deserve an award for dedicating a whole post to Ricky. If I were clever-er I would make it myself!

I think I need a Ricky for weightloss!

Oh no, you've named him. Don't get too attached!

PRO: Hilariousness on the blog for the whole week!

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