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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


You heard it here first, folks! Chocolate is the newest weight loss secret! I love it!

Also, everyone has been panning the new Kelly C song... Glad you like it. I have to check it out. I love me some Clarkson!

Okay, so I haven't heard that Kelly Clarkson song yet (What? Am in Australia! We're ALWAYS behind.) but I love that line. So bitter. I love bitter.

Chocolate world? Omg. That's it. I wanna come visit.

Hey, I bowl like a loser too. And then I sulk when I lose. Wouldn't I be fun to hang out with? :P

I don't know that I've ever heard one of Kelly's songs. If it ain't sung by Rhett Miller, I'm not listening.

Oh, and your weekend sounds great. I love the "my favorite part" part.

(Dude, you should post pictures of the chart. I'm curious.)

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