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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I can't see a video, but can I just say I hate you because you live in (what looks like) a real, adult house with real, adult furniture? I want!

i saw the video!!
does your cat thing she/he's a dog??? are you playing fetch with you cat?? My dog wont even do that!! well- she'll chase most of the time, but she'll never give the darn toy back! so one throw and its over!
let me see if i can't get anything accomplished with my new inside source at IKEA. but she's at her brother's wedding right now..

classic! Both on the IRS incident(s) and the cat.

Love the furniture!

You are such a grownup--your house looks fabulous!

Also, I had no idea that the IRS used the word "dumbass." They are scary beyotches over there in the government!

OH MY GOSH KEN'S MOM JUST GOT THE SAME IKEA CABINET AND HAD THE SAME ISSUES. But (and don't be mad) she was able to get the missing shelf. Maybe from Canada? I don't recall. Best of luck to you.

And also, who's the bigger nerd here? You for writing a post about your taxes or me for LOVING SAID POST? (I forgot to do the same thing with my taxes back when I was much younger.) Rock on.

Love the pictures.

More please.

Ohhh lots of cool pics. YOu just crack me up!

ANd love the mosaic project you're working on.

I couldn't help but laugh about the tax thing! I used to work at the IRS and I was the one that had to input all the info on the tax forms into their software. People send some kuh-razy things in with their tax returns! Here's to not getting audited, though!

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